I know someone who is very suicidal and has severe depression, can anyone help?


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Someone I know is very mentally ill. She has no family and no real friends. She isolates herself & rarely leaves her home as she is afraid of almost everything. She is so ill that she can not financially take care of herself. She is in a realy bad way. I am in no position to help her & really have no idea of what help is out there. Is there any organization that can help someone in her shoes? She needs: serious mental illness help, which she is getting through the state, but they are so bogged down with people that it is like no help at all. She also needs serious financial help to get herself back on her feet. She gets some food stamps, but not enough & was denied for disability. I fear for her safety. Is there anyone who has any thoughts on ways to help her MOSTLY financially? I think if she could get some help in this manner, she could start to stop stressing out so much and work towards her recovery instead of trying to find a job that she cannot actually do anyway. THXShe can no longer wait for disability, she will be homeless. Section * has a 5 year waiting list. She has been to dr after dr been on so many meds I cannot tell you. She needs financial help the most. Any thought on that?I cannot help this person. I just know of her. I have a lot of health issues myself and am in no position to help. My main question, again, is there any group that helps FINANCIALLY with someone who is in this position? ThanksPlease do not say "have faith""god" or any of that stuff, because god hasn't sent her a dime. thanks.
you say that she has no friends... well, you seem like you care... you be her friend, that would be enough for a good start in another life...
Get her to the doctor. Most of the Pharmecutical companies are offering free medication for those in need. Then take her to an attorney that specializes in ss disability claims. Everyone is turned down on their first try, but she can try again. Tell her to also apply for Section 8 housing assistance.
tell her*if she stays strong and wait for life to get better it will be worth it promise (i did this and i am so glad i didn't kill myself you will feel the same if you survive)*trying to improve the situation is a better idea than killing herself (get help do whatever to avoid death)*if she dies you will never feel happiness again *get help avoid killing herself. suicide is a discision that cannot be reversed so she cannot take the disicion lightly*this is her only chance of living does she want to waste that?*if she kills herrself the person or people who caused it have wonyou need to be a friend to her and help her. it may seem hard but she needs it and you will feel more highly and proud of yourself to help. you need to stick by her and show her she needs to live
tell her to go to church. My Church helps out the homeless, financially troubled ones and we have dealt with the mental illness. We listen to them, feed them, send them home with food from our food pantry, have members to donate clothes from them and try to help them get back on his or hers feet. Most churches are like that( I hope)
I am in Minnesota, and in this state, it is an entitlement to get help from social services if you have a severe mental illness. You can call up the social services of her county and explain the situation. They can help with the paperwork. Be persistent and ask specific questions, sometimes they are not forthcoming. Some states are better than others, minnesota is about average. Also, contact NAMI, the national association on mental illness, for local resources. I get help from social services, it is not everything, but they do help with paperwork and tell you what is available and will help you stay in a group home for a week or two if you are in crisis (versus a hospital).
well only if person wants help and to change and go to counseling and get on medications and do the foot work to get there if not then it will never improve and change.
How can you say she has no friends, when you are with her? If you can not help her financially, then you can help her in enhancing her level of confidence...
How come you take her responsibility? She present herself as the ultimate victim. She will get every drop of energy out of you and it will never be enough. I think you need to find some help.
if she feels better about her life she wouldnt give it up so just help her have fun and do things the person likes
If she really is in that bad of shape, she needs to check herself into the menatl ward at the local hospital; She will get the help she needs and they will work with her to help find a reasonable situation for her when she gets out. Good Luck