Beef Roast in the Coals


3 1/2 - 4 lb beef sirloin tip roast, about 4" thick
1 jar (6oz) prepared mustard
About 1 cup salt

Prepare fire so that coals are very hot. It is a good idea to keep a "feeding fire" nearby so that fresh coals can be added during cooking to maintain heat.

Cover entire surface of meat with mustard. Pat salt into mustard until it will hold no more. Insert meat thermometer in center of meat. Place salt-covered meat directly on the coals; rake coals around meat.

Cook about 45 minutes; turn roast and cook about 45 minutes longer for rare (140F), and hour more for medium (160F) to well done (170F).

Remove meat from coals; remove the black crust which will have formed. To serve, slice across the grain.

8 to 10 servings