I live in an old house that's been remodeled,and?

everytime we get an air conditioner it burns up, my new stove burned up the other day. Infact the plug broke the breaker outside and almost caught on fire when I tried to cook with it. Then it burned the elements up. So therefore no stove now. We have certain plugs that don't work either. Evertime I wash clothes, my lights go dim and flicker on and off till it stops. What do you think it could be? I would like to hire an electrician but my landlord will not let me. Now get this; we have some plugs that work when they want to. We use them to plug our lights or fans in. At times, my bedroom lights are so dim I have to use a flashlight just to get my pajamas on. I know something is wrong but I just don't have any idea..........Please help me, or give me some tips, as to what I can do about this situation.
Gurlfriend, you better move before you burn up in there. The landlord needs to hire an electrician because it sounds like a serious electrical problem goings on in there! Move out!!!


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You need to send your landlord a registered letter requesting repair within a specified length of time (10 days). Then if he doesnt repair it get the fire department to come an look at it if they find violations of the code your landlord will be required to repair. Be aware that if he doesnt fix it you may have to move but this is a high fire danger and not safe for you or your family. PS if your fire department won't come and look at it call the building inspectors office at the county you live in.


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first spot to check is where the power comes into the house. make sure there is nothing on the line or crossing the line etc. next, make sure the big appliances are all on their own circuit (an electric stove will need to take up 2 breaker slots on your panel).if there is still a problem, and your landlord refuses to allow you to hire an electrician, see if you can get that in writing and sue him for restricting your ability to provide a safe living environment


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Obviously somebody put in too many circuits (probably by somebody other than electrician) than the system can handle. Normally things shouldn't burn up because if too much electricity goes through the system than it can handle, circuit breaker will shut off. Seems like circuit breaker is not properly working (or not there). In any case, the house is not designed to take so much electronic machines. I would call the city government and ask to talk to the building permit department. Explain your situation and say that you believe the house is a fire hazard. You need to however, if you do this, have a place to move to because the house is going to be declared inhabitable and you won't be able to live there unless it's fixed. Bright side is the landlord cannot collect your rent legally for renting to you until the problem is fixed.

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Spot is right. You need to call whoever regulates rental housing in your area and have an inspector come over and look at it. I like the show up in person approach . bring pictures. If your apartment is deemed un-inhabitable then your landlord needs to provide you with housing until the repairs can can be effected ,or you find another place to live.You may need a lawyer or the regulating agency may carry the ball for you.Under no conditions do you try to make the reairs yourself.Good Luck

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I would talk to the township code department and ask if there is a building safety board. This should also be brought to the attention of the Department of Consumer Affairs and Department of Public Safety. That electric was obviously not done by anyone with a license. If there were no permits taken out and no official code inspection done, then the work was illegal and the insurance company won't pay either. Don't wait, get some answers "NOW" even if you have to start at the Police Department who will have some information as to where you can get some help. Remember you can't get results from the cemetery!