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I am a full time mba student.Since my husband is under a lot of pressure at work,I cant always expect him to help me out with household chores.We dont hv any kids yet.Our house is 1500sq ft.After doing the dishes,cleaning,laundry,and cooking,chopping the onions and peeling the potatoes I can hardly find time to study.Sometimes I hv a maid come over but I dont want to depend on them.Pls suggest some good housekeeping tips.One of my latest purchases is a rice cooker that saves me a LOT of time.Sometimes we order food,but that becomes expensive.We also hv a washing m/c and a microwave oven.Can I use my rice cooker in more creative ways?Are there dishes that can be stored for longer times?Some way to get the dishes cleaned quickly?Any other tricks? Please Please Please help


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Slow Cooker....you can throw stuff in it in the morning and let it go all the way to dinner.....it cooks itself and you don't even need to touch it....


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Tell your husband that he lives there too, and that he is not the only one under stress. If he complains he doesn't deserve to be there. Kick him to the curb!!!!!