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1 small round Angel food cake
1 large package of sugar free strawberry, cherry, or triple berry jello (1 package for 8-10 people, 2 packages for more)
1 large package of sugar free vanilla pudding
1 Cool whip, plain or low cal, or some other whipped dessert material
Various fruit to taste--bananas, strawberrys, blueberries, firm peaches, etc.


Set aside a deep bowl capable of holding about 8-10 cups.
Select a few large strawberries to decorate the top of the Trifle and set them aside.
Cut up bananas so each slice is divided into four, and cut up the other fruit into similar sized small pieces. Set aside.

Make jello according to package directions. While the jello is still in liquid form, mix in the fruit and stir.

Break off pieces of the angel food cake in pieces about the size of a large cotton ball and place in the jello. Keep adding angel food cake until the jello has more or less all been asorbed and mixed into the angel food cake. You will certainly have more angel food cake than you need even with two packages of jello.

Prepare the vanilla pudding as per directions. While the pudding still flows and just before it hardens, spread the pudding over the jello-fruit-angel food cake layer so it covers the jello layer about a half inch thick. If the first time your bowl results in a thinner layer of pudding, use a smaller bowl or use two packages of pudding next time.

Place in the refrigerator to jell.

Just before serving, take the Cool whip and spread it on top of the pudding so that the entire bowl is covered with a thin quarter inch layer of cool whip.

Take the larger strawberries you set aside and place one large one in the center, and other sliced pieces around it in a decorative pattern.

When serving, take a large spoon that will permit you to scoop up the Trifle from the very bottom so each serving contains all four layers.

Will serve 8-10 people generously.

Best of all, preparation is quick, easy and without mess, and your guests can eat as much as their heart desires without feeling guilty. And it tastes so good, many will ask for second helpings.