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Quick, easy & authentic . . . it's great for us PWD (people with diabetes)! Drizzled over any cooked veggie makes it a gourmet dish!

1 jumbo egg
2 capfuls lemon juice
dash of salt
dash of white pepper
1 stick of dairy butter, melted and HOT

Whisk the egg, lemon juice & seasonings together until frothy. While continuing to whisk, pour in a thin stream of the hot butter & continue pouring until all butter is incorporated into the egg mixture. If it hasn't thickened a little, give it a nudge in the microwave by 10-second zaps and stir well after each zap until it begins to thicken. As soon as it BEGINS to thicken, that's enough - it's done. Serve hot.

serving size: 2 tablespoons

calories per serving: 113
calories from fat: 108
saturated fat: 8g
trans fat: 0g
cholesterol: 64mg
sodium: 105mg
total carbs: 0g
dietary fiber: 0g
sugars: 0g
protein: 1g
vitamin A: 8%
vitamin C: 1%
calcium: 1%
iron: 1%