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Although a hot dish it is nice for summer days as the mint is refreshing. This does make a large pot - it worked out well for a family of four to have over two lunches, storing it in the fridge overnight.

250g/6oz (half a standard pack) of spaghetti
approx 9 or 10 cups of water/about 4 pints
4 cloves of garlic, very finely chopped
1 large onion, chopped
5 sticks of celery, diced quite small
a good handful of fresh mint (or 3 teaspoons of dried)
sea salt to taste

Break the spaghetti up into small pieces (about 6 cm./2 inches long) into a large saucepan.
Cover with the water and turn up the heat to full.
Bring to the boil while you prepare and add the other ingredients with the exception of the mint.
Once boiling turn down to simmer for about 15 minutes until everything is cooked.
Add the mint and cook for a further 2 or 3 minutes and serve sprinkled with generous amounts of chopped fresh parsley (optional but it was really good!).