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1 pkg Gelatin
n/a Liqueur

To make Fancy Jell-O Shots, put the alcohol you intend to use into
the freezer ahead of time to make it nice and cold. Make the Jell-
O as described on the back of the package using boiling water,
etc. Substitute the chilled alcohol for the same amount of cold
water called for in the recipe. Use different flavors and alcohols to
create drinks with the Jell-O-shots. Lime Jell-O & tequila
(Margarita) orange Jell-O & vodka (Screwdriver) strawberry Jell-O &
rum (Daiquiri) pineapple Jell-O & coconut rum (Goombay Smash)
Lime Jell-O, triple sec & vodka (Kamikaze) Etc ...Hint: use 2oz.
plastic soufflé cups to make the Jell-O shots in (available at any
party store cheap). They work best. To store them in the fridge
use empty large size pizza boxes. Pull them out to serve as