What should I do my husband wants a divorce....?


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He is in the blame game. My ex used to be guilty of whatever, and he had (he thought) the cleverest way of turning that situation around to where it was all my fault.~~~~~ I laughed at him.What are his grounds for divorce ? If you give him a divorce honey, you make sure that you get everything you are entitled to. Get yourself a good attorney. Men get wild hairs and their priorities get out of order and some of them, like you have, think they can be single again and do as they please. These are not men. I walked away one day with my 2 year old daughter after many threats and never looked back. Shocked him and now he was ready to kiss my feet but I was fed up with him. I told myself, I would rather be single then constantly worrying and wondering about him. I wanted to be happy. What freedom that gave me.You will read these answers, but bottom line will be your decision. You and only you & him know if this is workable. Do not ever stay with an abuser, verbal or otherwise for the sake of the children. You are doing the children no favor."Good Luck and Try for a Happy New Year ",God Bless You !!!