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I really like to use fresh herbs when i cook so i like to have an herb garden. I don't have a green thumb and usually end up killing my plants/forgetting about them/smashing them etc. I would like to have one in my kitchen where i could take a little better care of it and use it easier. Does anyone have any tips or good ideas for a mini herb garden indoors?

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As much sun as possible, they thrive with loads of direct sun. Don't bother beginning with seeds, go with seedlings or more mature plants.Herbs don't tolerate north-facing windows, or any window that gets less than four hours of direct sunshine a day.Get a parsley plant from the nursery, and bring it in. The older leaves will fall off, but the thick taproot will drive new growth from the center. Coriander (cilantro), garden cress, and dill are short-lived annuals that, when cut for harvest, do not regrow. Unless you still have lots of winter sun, growth of most indoor herbs will slow or even stop during the winter, even with enough warmth. When growth slows, reduce harvests and hold back a little on the water. Reducing the indoor temperature to 60º to 65ºF, if possible, also helps. With few exceptions, herbs require excellent drainage, add sharp sand or perlite to a good sterilized compost-based mix. Most herbs do well in soils of pH 6 to 7. In general, water less often and more thoroughly, and only when the soil is actually dry.Plants to try:Chives, Dill, Mint, Basil, Greek Oregano, Broadleaf Thyme, Blue Boy Rosemary, Dwarf Garden Sage. For better care of each, look up each one individually for best results.


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Maybe beginners herb book can help you.