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I have been on the lookout for any kind of uncommon, possibly funds saving household hints. Anything at all, just share your ideas. For instance: What do you do to save cash with housecleaning, cooking, living expenses or even anything, or any idea what is definitely a much better or more innovative way to do any household house work. Anything applies! suggestions which will favor dad and mom are good or perhaps any specific Halloween or perhaps season tips?
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If you need to polish silver use a cabbage leaf instead of a store bought cleaner.Tomatoes loses their flavour if refrigerated.The brown you sometime see on cauliflower in the supermarket does not mean it is old. It is a chemical reaction from being touched by human hands (much like potatoes and apples going brown when exposed to the air).If you've got mites or bugs on your indoor plants spray them with water, a drop of dish soap and cut up garlic clove (let the solutions sit for a bit before spraying). Spray leaves and soil, should take care of most bugs.Use empty Kleenex boxes to store plastic grocery bags, makes for easy access and neater than just stuffing them in a drawer. Recycle; use for garbage bags.

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When you are cooking, say, pork chops, in the oven, use aluminum foil to line the pan. Cover the pan well, and put a layer of Olive oil on the foil. Once the pork chops are baked, throw away the foil, wipe out the pan, and you,re done! Also, if there is no company involved, use paper plates, and plastic cutlery. Toss them after dinner! No dishes!!!! I'm a bachelor, so I do this all the time!! Put a product called 2000 Flushes in your toilet tank, and it will keep your tank clean, and it smells nice, too! Place a lining of aluminum foil under the burner in the bottom of the stove. When it gets really dirty and greasy, just change it. Cuts down on the oven cleaning thing!!


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-50 Gallons of water you can save each week by turning off the shower while you shampoo and condition your hair, NOW increase that number by 5 if you add washing your face, brushing your teeth and doing the dishes.You also save when you wash most of your clothes in cold/cooler water. Make sure you clean out your lint trap in your dryer, that also saves on energy.LIGHTS:Replace just ONE 100-Watt incandescent bulb with a CFL (compact flourescent lightbulb) and you'll save $30 in energy costs over the life of the bulb.100 MILLION: Number of Compact Flourescent Lightbuls Wal-Mart has pledged to sell this year.PLASTIC BAGS:Most people don't know that you ARE allowed to use your own bags to ask baggers or checkers to use while bagging your groceries.Flagship Randall's offers these reuseable totes to purchase one time with your groceries and everytime you come in just ask the employee's to use those, they'll be more than happy to_Or just buy canvas totes or any version of reuseable bags the next time you go to the grocery store. 12 MILLION barrels of oil is used each year to produce plastic shopping bags.For cleaning, look up all the websites that I've provided, they have step-by-step instructions and basic home ingredients for everyday household chores minus the chemicals and expensive packaging that you buy on the shelves for sprays or liquid cleaners.Last tip: Your envelopes you get from opening your mail, keep those and next time you write down a grocery list or a To Do list use the back side. Carry a few in your purse or fold one up and stick it in your back pocket...it'll come in handy.

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I use to use allot of Windex to clean with,glass,counter tops, outside of oven ,the refrigerator,car windows ,dash ,,almost everything,, but 32oz spray bottles was about 3 bucks,,or more,now I go to the Dollar Tree,and get 32oz of window cleaner,67oz refill and 64oz of Ammonia,,yes Ammonia I add about 3oz to a 32oz bottle of the dollar window cleaner or more Ammonia,,,depending on what I;m cleaning ,so I get Little over 3,,,32oz bottles of cleaner,,for the price of one and have plenty of Ammonia left over ,to use in the next refills,,,,God I feel so cheap right now,,but clean,,lol