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1/2 cup unsalted butter, at room
temperature (1 stick; see note)
1 cup granulated sugar
1 egg
1 cup all-purpose flour
1/4 teaspoon baking powder
2 ounces unsweetened chocolate, melted
1/2 cup milk
1 teaspoon vanilla extract
1/2 cup chopped walnuts

1 generous cup powdered sugar
1 tablespoon unsalted butter, at room temperature
1 ounce unsweetened chocolate, melted
1 teaspoon vanilla extract
1/4 cup brewed double-strength coffee, preferably
made from dark-roasted beans

Heat oven to 350 degrees F. Butter an 8-inch square baking pan.

To make fudge squares: In a large bowl, cream the butter with the sugar and egg.

In a small bowl, sift together the flour and baking powder. Add to the butter mixture. Then add the melted chocolate, being careful not to over-beat. Add the milk, vanilla and walnuts, stirring just to blend.

Pour the batter into the prepared pan. Bake until the edges begin to pull away from the sides of the pan and the top springs back when pressed lightly, about 30 minutes. Allow the cake to cool completely. Meanwhile, make glaze.

To make glaze: In a medium bowl, combine the powdered sugar, butter, chocolate and vanilla extract. Stir in the coffee and whisk until smooth.

Refrigerate the glaze until cool, then pour over the top of the cake and cut the cake into squares.

NOTE: Use real butter or stick margarine. Do not substitute reduced-fat spreads; their higher water content often yields less-satisfactory results