Do you have a recipe for the type of chip sauce commonly found in a Mexican restaurant?


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I am not asking for a salsa recipe. The sauce I'm requesting is much smoother and has a pureed texture to it. There are no vegetables visible. The only thing I recognize in it is possibly crushed red pepper. I could probably mix up a batch by experimentation if I knew what the base was. Is it canned tomatoes that have been pureed? Thanks for your help.
The cheapest, greasy-spoon recipe I know for salsa is 50/50 canned ketchup wth canned tomato sauce. Add enough tabasco to enliven the results. Note that salsa must be boiled for 45 seconds if it is recycled from the serving area.


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Make salsa and puree' it before heating. Or just buy a jar of salsa. Every restaurant has different recipes for the salsa they serve. I just love fresh pico de gallo. I like my chuncks.