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Yield: 6 Servings

8 c Dashi or chicken stock
6 tb Soy sauce (shoyu)
1/4 c Sake
2 tb Mirin
12 oz Fresh udon noodles
6 ea Clams, small, cleaned
1 ea Chicken breast, deboned/cut
1/3 lb Scallops (about 8)
3 oz Kamaboko (fish paste/cake)
6 ea Scallions(green onions)
4 ea Large mushrooms, halved
6 ea Medium shrimp

Ok, I'm in Japan! I havent had a chance as of this typing to get the
lines installed just yet, but here's a goodie that's easier to make than
the longish ingredient list looks like.

I live right next to 'Tonoo Market Street' which is just like it sounds. A
street lined with itty bitty fresh produce stores where 1/2 the produce is
along the sidewalk. Kinda like an open-air market. Very neato!

Along that street where I walk my way home, are all these fixings. Yoki,
local 'mama-san' who speaks no english (that's ok, I speak no usable
Japanese yet), has taken on this local 'gaijin' (foreigner) and is slowly
with pantomine, showing me something new at her stall each day. I think
most of my Japanese to date, is cooking/food related (grin, suprised?

Nabe BTW, means a thickish soup/stew. Udon is a thick noodle, slightly
fatter than linguini and softer with a touch of rubbery consistancy. It's
also called 'alimentary paste' when labeled in english. Normally sold
or vacumn packed. Occasionally dried.

Kamaboko, or 'fishcake' is a product made from mildish fish scraped from
the bones (paste-like) and formed to a roll (when formed to a roll, it's
Kamaboko and may have added colors and seasonings).

Cook the udon according to directions, and in second pot, simmer stock and
add the meats (shrimp only in last 5 minutes). Add veggies in the last 5
mins or so with the shrimps.

Ruth, Hawaii variation. That scraped 'bonefish' made to a pale tan paste?
Form it into 'fishballs' like you would make small meatballs. Tuck into
soup in last 5 mins.

Total cooking time once both are boiling: 5 mins for Udon, 10 for 'other
pot'. Strain udon from water and add to stock pot then serve.

Goes lovely with toasted pretzel bits (try tossing them with a little
butter and hot chili-pepper then nuking for 60 secs) and also with a
fresh peach (fill center with a drizzle of honey and cinnimon, nuke 1
minute then add a dollup of whipped cream or try japanese style, with
'miricle whip' salad dressing).