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I am a big fan of Mr. Clean Magic Erasers, good old Ajax powder for cleaning tubs, and baking soda/vinegar combos for everything from drain openers to cleaning tile. Whats your household secret?
LEMON JUICE, Vinegar, Baking Soda, Borax. I like Natural Cleaners, I dont like using products that cause too much fumes. When you have kids stuff like that worries me. But sometimes Good Old Bleach and Water work well.
Mystic Maid cleaning rags! Get it wet with hot water, ring it out and wash your windows, countertops, mirrors, and glass tables STREAK FREE! Wash in the washing machine (no bleach or fabric softener) and hang to dry. No more windex or paper towels. I've even washed my wood floor with one. AWESOME!!!!
I am an Independent Shaklee Dealer, so I admit to bias toward the original green company everyone now copies ... BUT I also use my own sometimes. Lemon juice, vinegar and my all time favorite is BAKING SODA! I don't like Mr. Clean because it is chemically scented - if you like I have recipes for home made cleaners and a mini-class on using essential oils for scent and use (i.e. basil repels flies, put a few drops in your choice of window cleaner) on my blog. http://sundancelife.blogspot.com/
Well, I really love bleach for everything from taking an old stained lamp shade and filling a tub with water and bleach and letting it soak--came out like new.I love to put a cup of water on for three minutes in the microwave to loosen up anything that's dried on and wipe it out--easiest clean up ever. (Just be careful removing the hot water.)The very best cleaner I have found on the market that used to be sold door to door for seventeen dollars a bottle--it's called AWESOME. It can be found at the Dollar Tree stores for only one dollar. It is something that at full strength can strip paint (which I have used it for on an old table--saved me time, money and the cost of restoration), at partial strength can take off PERMANENT marker--even from vinyl and plastic. (Even cleans those old nasty computers that are fifteen years old that my hubby insists he'll need some day!) I occassionally buy books that have permanent marker on the cover and wipe off the marker with a drop of awesome. Here's one--I love to use fume free over cleaner on the top of my cook top of my stove. I remove everything and the enamel comes out like brand new.Years and years ago I lived in an apartment with very cheap formica type cabinets. Nothing and I mean NOTHING would get those oily marks off the cabinet doors--I tried everything. Then I took a small spritz of oven cleaner on my rag and wiped a spot--they came out like new.I try all sorts of unconventional cleaners in different places. I use the toxic stuff very sparingly but sometimes it takes that stuff to get it to new so it can be maintained by less toxic means.I like using a steam cleaner for everything.Here's a quick laundry tip--if you have something that is wrinkled but don't want to iron-- just do a load of towels and put a few towels with your wrinkled item into the dryer for a few minutes--it comes out without the wrinkles and saves on all that ironing.Did you ever want to get out the white rings on a beautiful wood table?These white spots and rings are from water trapped in the wood. The easiest, safest and quickest way to get this out is taking a clean dry washing cloth and heating an iron to high. After the iron is heated place the cloth down over the white ring or spot, then set the iron over it for a minute. The area will appear wet--just wipe with the same cloth and the ring is GONE. This procedure turns the trapped water into steam. I have been doing this for years and it has never ruined any wood I have done this to.My other secret cleaner is FELS NAPTHAIt is a brick of laundry soap. It can be used as a spot cleaner on fabric or even clean plastic outdoor furniture. I have found it at the local Cubs grocery store for a few dollars and a bar lasts me a about four to six years.Here's a quick way to freshen a room--if you use dryer sheets save them and if you use fans in the summer time just put the dryer sheet on the back side (intake side) of the fan. Here's a dusting tip--I have some very expensive silk lamp shades that I don't want to vacuum to dust so I take my sticky tape roll for lint removal and roll over it on both sides--all the dust comes off and it's not damaged.Want to freshen up your garbage disposal--whenever you have rinds from oranges, lemons or grapefruit or a spoiled citrus fruit just stick the whole thing down there and turn it on--smells great! When I've used every single juice from the lemons that I've sliced and used and reused to make fresh lemon-aid I take what is left and shove it down the garbage disposal--just love that lemony scent.And if you have copper bottomed pans--and want to do a quick clean on them--use LEMON S.O.S. pads. The real lemon that is used and the steel wool can just shine those up so nicely.
I looove baking soda. I use it for everything. I sprinkle some over my carpet before vacuuming to get any odors or pet hair out. I sprinkle some in the litter box. I keep an open box in the freezer, the fridge, and all the closets to get rid of odors. And after a couple months I use those boxes to pour down the drain while running hot water. Deodorizes the garbage disposals and is great for unclogging drains. I poor some in the bottom of the garbage cans so there aren't any odors and I poor some into the ash trays outside. I also make a baking soda and water paste and scrub the bathroom top to bottom it works beautifully.I also love vinegar. I use that for my linoleum floors. I mix 1 part vinegar with 4 parts water and my floors sparkle magnificently. I also put 1 cup vinegar and the rest water in my coffee maker and run it to clean that out.I also like to hide dryer sheets under the couch cushions, under the beds, in the vents, in any little place that can't be seen to ensure my home always smells fresh. Also I like to keep one or two used dryer sheets around to use for dusting or to get rid of static in clothes on those windy days. And as far as lamp shades go I like to blow dry them on cold to get rid of any dust particles.