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serves 4

600 grams Pork tenderloin
25 grams butter
5 dl pork stock


250 grams mushrooms, cleaned weight
100 grams onions, cleaned weight
6 sundried tomatoes in oil
1 tsp thyme, dry
2 tsps minced, fresh parsley
2 Tblsps flour


2 dl whipping cream
1 Tblsp pickled green peppers, or substitue capers
thickener (roux, corn starch, or something else you like to use)

  • Remove the silver skin and any large chunks of fat from the tenderloin.
  • Butterfly it (cut it open the long way, like a book).
  • Gently pound it thin. I use the heel of my hand.


  1. Mince onion and mushrooms
  2. Saute onions and mushrooms in the oil from the tomatoes
  3. Cut the tomatoes into smallish pieces
  4. Add tomatoes, thyme, and the chopped parsley to mushrooms and onions and stir
  5. Season to taste with salt and pepper (and optional garlic powder)
  6. Sprinkle the flour on top and heat all the way through
  7. Spread the mix onto the pork tenderloin
  8. Roll up the tenderloin, the long way, and tie with cotton string or use poultry needles to keep it rolled up
  9. Add the butter to the frying pan that was used for the filling and brown the tenderloin well on all sides
  10. Put the tenderloin in an ovenproof pan
  11. Deglaze the frying pan with the pork stock or water and pour it over the meat
  12. Cover the pan with the tenderloin with foil and put it in a 200 deg C oven for about 30 minutes

Let the pork rest under a foil tent while you make the sauce.


  1. Combine drippings from the pork, cream, and peppercorns or capers
  2. Heat it
  3. Thicken the sauce with your preferred thickener
  4. Season to taste with salt and pepper

Remove the string or poultry needles from the tenderloin. Slice some of the pork in approximately 1 cm (~3/8 inch) slices and arrange on a platter or individual plates.

600 grams = 1.32 lbs
25 grams = 0.55 lbs = 1.76 Tblsps
5 decilitres = 2.11 cups
250 grams = 0.55 lbs
100 grams = 0.22 lbs
2 decilitres = 0.85 cups
200 deg C = 392 deg F