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What is a recipe you use a lot? Or people always request and cannot get enough of? Please share :) Thanks!
Gooey Butter Cake1 yellow cake mix1 stick margarine melted2 eggs,Mix all of this and spread in a greased 9x13 inch pan.1 8 oz package of cream cheese softened3 cups powdered sugar2 eggsMix these together until smooth and then pour on top of the cake mix in the pan. Bake at 350 degrees for about 35 minutes or until the top starts to brown. Let it cool and then enjoy. I prefer mine cold, so put it in the fridge, but it doesn't have to be kept in the fridge. Give it a try!
My pasta salad is always a hit!I boil pasta (either elbow macaroni or rotini, usually rotini) then drain and put in a large mixing bowl. I then use one can (sometimes two cans depending how much i am making) of stewed tomatoes, add to the mixing bowl and mix well. Then I add one bottle of Zesty Italian Dressing, mix well. Then, I add 1 cup of chopped onion, 1 ½ cup chopped scallions, and mix well again. Then, last, to top it off, I sprinkle with McCormick Salad Supreme Seasoning. I then place in the fridge, allow to cool, and serve cold!


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Manacotti1 bx of manacotti shells (14 in a box)(i use Primo)1 can / jar pasta sauce (I use Primo herb and garlic)1 lb - 1 1/2lb - lean ground beef1 - diced onion1 green pepper diced1 egglittle bit of milk2 slices of breadsalt / pepper to taste/oregano1-2cloves fresh garlic dicedgrated chedder or mozzerrella cheese about 2 cupsBring large pot of salted water to a boil, add 1/2 the manacotti shells, stirring occasionally - boil for 6 minutes..take out with tongs....put on plate ....add 2nd batch of manacotti shells, stirring occasionally so the pasta doesn't stick..boil for 6min..take out with tongs, put on plate *in fry pan -brown lean ground beef, drain any fat from panadd meat back to pan, add 1 diced onion1/2-1 green pepper dicedadd fresh diced garlic clovesstir to combinewhen green pepper slightly soft....add the whole mixture to a large bowl -set aside to coolput 2 slices of bread together, slice off crustslice into small pieces then rub bread through your fingers to crumbleput bread crumble /pieces into a small bowlslightly cover with milk...not too much just so the bread can absorb the milkin a cup, add one egg , beat with forkadd beaten egg to meat/onion/greenpepper/garlic mixture-bowlonce the milk has been absorbed in the bread, add that to the bowladd 1 1/2 cups of grated cheese , combine all ingredients together*in a 9x13" bake pan...pour some pasta sauce on bottombegin stuffing each cooled manacotti shell with meat mixture...put into bakepan.(usually 10 lengthwise and 4 at top of ban )Cover stuffed shells with rest of pasta saucesprinkle remaining 1/2cup grated cheese ontopcover with tinfoilBake in a Pre-Heated 350F oven for 50 min*cool for 5 minenjoy with a crisp garden salad and fresh french loaf of bread*~People Love and Crave my manacotti* :)Hope you're able to try's a bit time consuming, but just go step by step ...(or get some helpers in the kitchen-one child can Grate the cheese, another do the egg and bread with milk, seasoning the meat etc.........stuff the shells, cook and you'll be so glad you made the time*:) It's SOooo Worth It*:)-----------------------------------------------------------------------

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