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Many times when your baking or trying a new recipe you come across a term your not to sure of following are just a few, hope they help some.

BAKE To cook by dry heat, usually in an oven. when applied to meat, it's called roast.

BASTE To moisten food while baking by pouring liquid over it.

BATTER A mixture of flour, liquid and other ingredients that can be beaten or stirred.

BEAT To mix with an over and over motion, either by spoon, rotary beater, or electric beater.

BLANCH To immerse foods briefly in boiling water, usually followed by a quick cooling in cold water. Used to whiten or remove skins and for vegetables that are to be frozen.

BLEND To combine two or more ingredients so that each loses it's identity.

BOIL To heat until bubbles constantly break on the surface.

BRAISE To simmer in a covered dish in a small amount of liquid.

BROIL To cook under direct heat or over hot coals.

CARAMELIZE To heat dry sugar or foods containing sugar until light brown and of a caramel flavor.

CHILL To place in refrigerator or other cold place until cold.

COMBINE To mix ingredients together.

CREAM To work foods until soft and fluffy. Usually applied to shortening, butter or other fat and sugar.

DOUGH A mixture of liquid and flour that is stiff enough to be handled or kneaded.

DREDGE To coat completely with flour or other mixture.

DUST To sprinkle lightly as with flour or sugar.

EVISCERATE To remove internal organs of fish or poultry.

FLAKE To break into small pieces, usually with a fork.

FOLD To combine a solid ingredient with a delicate substance such as beaten egg white with a folding motion rather than beating to avoid loss of air.

GLAZE To coat with syrup, thin icing, jam or jelly.

GRATE To rub a food against a grater to form small particles.

GRIND To put through a food chopper, blender or food processor.

KNEAD To manipulate with a pressing motion plus folding and stretching. Usually applied to bread dough.

LARD To place strips of fat into or on top of lean meat or fish.

MARINATE To let stand in a marinade (usually a mixture of oil, lemon juice or vinegar and seasonings).

MINCE To chop very fine.

MIX To combine ingredients.

POACH To cook slowly in hot liquid to cover.

PUREE The thick pulp with juice obtained by putting food through a colander, sieve, food mill or blender.

SAUTÉ To cook in a skillet in a small amount of fat.

SCALD To heat just below the boiling point. Also means to pour boiling water over food or dip food briefly in boiling water.

SCORE To cut lightly so as to mark the surface of the food with lines.

SEAR To brown the surface of foods quickly.

SIMMER To cook just below boiling point so that tiny bubbles form on bottom or sides of pan.

STEAM To cook over, not in, boiling water.

STIR To mix ingredients with a circular motion using a spoon or other utensil.

WHIP To beat rapidly with a wire whisk or beater to incorporate air and make a substance light and fluffy.

TO CUT IN This method is used to mix shortening with dry ingredients so as to leave the shortening in small particles. Use two knives or pastry blender.

WELL BEATEN EGG One which has been whipped until foamy and slightly thickened.

WELL BEATEN YOLK One whipped until thick and lemon colored.

WELL BEATEN WHITE One whipped until firm peaks form when beater is lifted out. Never beat until peaks are dry and over stiff.


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Some of these are the same, but they are stated in different ways, i will add more as I find them.

beat—To stir rapidly in a circular motion.

boil—To heat a liquid over high heat until bubbles form and rise rapidly to the surface.

chop—To cut into small pieces.

core—To remove the seeds or pit from the center of a fruit or vegetable.

cut in—To mix butter or margarine into flour with a pastry blender or two knives until it has a coarse, mealy texture.

dollop—A small amount, about a teaspoonful, of a semi-liquid ingredient such as whipped cream.

fillet—A boneless piece of fish or meat.

garnish—To decorate a dish with small pieces of food, such as parsley sprigs.

mince—To chop food into very small pieces.

pinch—A very small amount, usually what you can pick up between your thumb and first finger.

roast—To cook in an open pan in an oven.

sift—To put an ingredient, such as powdered sugar, through a sifter to break up any lumps.

simmer—To cook over low heat in liquid kept just below boiling point. Bubbles will occasionally rise to the surface.

whip—To beat ingredients at a high speed until mixture is light and fluffy.